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Selected Presentations and Proceedings

  1. D. Zhu, "Lithium niobate integrated photonics," NQFF Industry Day: Integrated Photonics, Singapore (2024) [Invited]

  2. D. Zhu, "Integrated quantum photonic devices on thin-film lithium niobate," Quantum Engineering Programme (QEP) 3.0 Launch Day, Singapore (2024) [Invited]

  3. D. Zhu, "Non-classical light generation and control on thin-film lithium niobate photonic integrated circuits," Aisa Light Conference, Singapore (2024) [Invited talk]

  4. D. Zhu, "Superconducting tapered nanowire detector," The 18th International Superconductive Electronics Conference (ISEC 2023), Nanjing China (2023) [Invited talk]

  5. D. Zhu, "Scalable single-photon technologies for quantum information processing," Institute of Physics Singapore (IPS) Meeting 2023 [Plenary talk]

  6. D. Zhu, "Spectral control of nonclassical light on thin-film lithium niobate photonic integrated circuits," The 14th International Conference on Information Optics and Photonics (CIOP), Xi'an China (2023) [Invited talk]

  7. D. Zhu, “Integrated quantum photonics with LiNbO3,” UCA-Majulab Workshop on Quantum Technologies & Photonics, Nice, France (2023)  [Invited talk]

  8. D. Zhu, "Frequency control of single photons using an integrated electro-optic modulator," International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT), Singapore (2023)

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